GB Bars USA News

Press Release: Oakland, Maine, U.S.A.
September, 2015

GB® Group PTY Ltd., Victoria, Australia announces a new agreement with Wallingford's Inc.® to be the exclusive distributor in the United States of GB® Harvester and Slasher bars. For over 50 years GB has built a solid reputation by manufacturing products that set new industry standards and has therefore played a significant role in the development of the forestry industry. Thomas Beerens, Managing Director of GB® Group is thrilled to have this dedicated team at Wallingford's Inc.® represent his products in the U.S.A. "We at GB® are honored to be represented by such an internationally respected manufacturer and distributor. Wallingford's policy of continuing to innovate and improve the quality of their product will also ensure, by the two of us working together, that GB® has an opportunity to offer better product for the current demand and to further develop our products to meet the future needs of the U.S. logging industry."

Wallingford's Inc.® has been serving the logging community since 1975 and is continually seeking new and better ways to satisfy their customers' requirements. John (J) Wallingford states: "We are very excited to be part of the GB Global distribution group and are confident in the brand as recognized by our customers. Formally one of the market leaders here in the United States, GB® has survived the global financial crisis. With this behind them we intend to make GB® the number one brand of choice. Through intensive marketing and extensive field presence we will claim market share and demonstrate to our customers that GB® will outperform its competitors while also providing for considerable cost savings".

The GB® Group has been expanding their range of guide bars, sprockets, and accessories catering to all markets and customers throughout the world. Their full range of guide bar options include, 3/4" & .404" pitch bars with replacement nose, double ender bars, as well as, replacement nose tips and drive sprockets.